World Nutella Day

The creamy, devious, post-world-war 'luxury' sensation!

A Breakfast Sensation

Most likely you have a jar of Nutella sitting next to you or at least in the kitchen.


But how did this post-world-war 'luxury' product become our favorite breakfast spread?


On #WorldNutellaDay , let's revisit some of the marketing strategies that Nutella employed to penetrate and succeed in the breakfast spread market.


First: When Nutella first started out, it was marketed as something that could be eaten with everything. However, this strategy didn’t work well with customers. Nutella was trying to be all things to all people and consequently became nothing to no one.


Thus, in 2009, Nutella began focusing its branding almost purely on becoming a breakfast staple. This move toward a niche market helped consumers understand the product’s best use.


Second: Nutella really put the word Social in Social Media. They consistently ask their followers to share receipts using Nutella. This helps engage your customers, helps Nutell find new uses for its spread, and most importantly, the customer does the markting, not Nutella!


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👤 Dr. Abdullah Aldousari is a marketing professor and consultant. His expertise are in strategic branding, consumer psychology, and content creation.


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