Stray Dogs: A Marketing Solution!

Updated: Aug 28, 2019

Adopt don't buy.

A Marketing Problem... and solution! The increase in the number of street dogs is a global phenomena, and is cause mainly by us: the customers! . The consumer demand for pets is a multi-billion dollar industry and is driven mainly by Movies starting with Lassie, 101 Dalmatians, Secret Lie of Pets, etc. The other reason is Cuteness; we sometimes are overwhelmed by how cute some of these pets are that we forgot that they need to be taken care of, fed, walked, taken to the doctor. This effect of cuteness on our decision is known in marketing and psychology as Kinder-schema. . Having something cute is not an awful thing in and of itself, but when it comes to the commoditization of pets marketed to impulsive and unprepared buyers, our societal weakness for ‘cuteness’ is one that we need to be aware of and try to control. . One of the easiest solutions is that we Adopt rather than buying. Adopted animals are usually house trained, neutered, and cheaper than buying for a store. . ⚠️ What it took to make this video? ▪️Research 5+ hours ▪️Cost KD 30 (~$70) ▪️Video Production and Post-Production: 10+ hours ➖➖ 👤 Dr. Abdullah Aldousari is a marketing professor and consultant. His expertise are in marketing strategy & consumer psychology. ➖➖ #مخمخ_معاي #جرعات_تسويقية#شلي_بخاطرك #stoppoisoningkuwaitdogs #تسميم_الكلاب_في_الكويت#تبنى_لا_تشتري

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