Should You Publish or Hide Your Prices?

To publish or not to publish, that is the question!

5 Reasons to Publish Your Prices: . 1) It saves you time: many opponents of publishing prices say doing so creates an opportunity for a one-to-one conversation with the client, which may lead to sales. Correct, but it also creates a huge number of calls, of which very small numbers will like the prices and buy. So why not just publish the price and filter the unnecessary calls? . 2) you can't hide your prices and cost-structure. If you don't want your competitors to know, well, it wouldn't be very hard for them to figure it out just by picking up the phone and call you, would it? . 3) Yes, even for custom items. If you have a custom product or a service that is very hard to price, In this case, you can post "our prices starts with...". . 4) Be opportunistic. If no one of your competitors post prices, then take this opportunity to own the price conversation. . 5) Sticker shock. I am worried about my customer having a "sticker shock". If you can't justify your prices, then it won't matter weather it was online or offline; your customers will be shocked. . The idea here is to make prices, which is the most important factor in making a decision, attractive (inbound marketing). . Let it be a bridge to your customer; not a hurdle. ➖➖ ❔


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👤 Dr. Abdullah Aldousari is a marketing professor and consultant. His expertise are in strategic branding, consumer psychology, and content creation.


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