Qatar Airport: LampBrear

Why have this teddy-bear looking piece at an airport?

A Joyful Piece of Art!The Lamp Bear, by Swiss artist Urs Fischer, takes center stage in the grand foyer leading to Hamad International Airport's duty-free hall.


But why would you place it in an airport, what is the point?!


Two main benefits I can see in placing this teddy bear looking fixture:

1) Excitement & humanizing:

this piece breaks the rigid aspect of going to the airport; we go from security check, do some shopping, and then just wait for the airplane. It's a playful piece that humanizes the space around it and reminds travellers of childhood or treasured objects from home.


2) Customer Journey

In marketing, every interaction with your customer is an opportunity to make a good and lasting impression. Thus, to build a brand image, even for a country, why not have a tourist have a one more picture at the airport before departing? This picture will be his/her last memory of the place!

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