MOMO Challenge and Marketing of Fear


Fear of Missing Out! . Even though the MOMO challenge has been found to be a hoax, it spread like wild fire. . The thing that helped spread it was... fear! . Fear has a huge influence in getting attention and making a consumer take a quick action. . That is why it is used in PR, medical, and marketing campaigns. . In marketing we call it "fear Marketing", and it taps into people's Fear Of Missing Out (FOMO). However, to use fear to drive someone to action you must prove the following to the -You are likely to be affected -When it affects you, it will be painful -You have the ability to avoid this pain . Provide a solution to an existing fear, and don’t try to manufacture it. But understand that there is certainly a fine line between ethical and unethical use of fear in marketing.


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👤 Dr. Abdullah Aldousari is a marketing professor and consultant. His expertise are in strategic branding, consumer psychology, and content creation.


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