IN-N-OUT's 70th anniversary

In celebrating IN-N-OUT's 70th anniversary, it is beneficial to understand How did In-N-Out burger chain get such Massive Following?

IN-N-OUT's Branding Strategy

1) Credible

It uses no freezers, heat lamps or microwaves,and they butchers its own beef, and bakes its own buns.


2) Quality

the quality imperative. It is still in the hands of its founding family.

.In-N-Out has not gone public, refuses to franchise and won’t build a restaurant further than a refrigerated semi truck can drive in one day from one of its three butcheries in California and Texas


3) Special Language

speaking a special dialect based on the Not So Secret Menu, which shortens order time and dispenses with needless verbiage. Example: “Gimme a 3×3 Animal Style” means a triple burger cooked in mustard and slathered with extra sauce and grilled onions.


Location: @linqpromenade


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