How to be like a falcon?

The fastest animal on the planet has an excellent vision, a foresight, and an altitude!

The Real Super Power

The Peregrine falcon is one of the fastest and most agile bird on the planet. It has has an excellent vision and a speed that can reach up to 390 km/h, which allows it to catch its unsuspecting prey.


These characteristics are what we need in marketing.

Agility allows you to adapt to any change in the market. The speed is necessary when responding to your customers; the slower you are to adapt to change or respond to a customer comment, the more likely you will lose your customer (prey).


In addition, the excellent foresight and vision allows the falcon to pinpoint it's prey; similarly, a marketing plan helps identify & target your customers.


Being able to fly at high altitude helps the Falcon cover wider area and identify more targets, similarly, the more awareness you create of you business (being on social media, having a website, attending conference), the more likely you will target more customers.


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