IMC is a way of looking at the whole marketing process from the view point of the customer. - Philip Kotler

Course Overview

This course is designed to provide an overview of marketing communications, with a specific emphasis on advertising’s role in marketing planning, crafting advertising message strategy, understanding the principles of media selection and placement, and analysis of audience segmentation to determine the appropriate message and media.


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KU: Bio-Technology





Supplementary Materials:

Mass Customization


Course Content


Module(1): IMC

BioTech Marketing

Ch01: Introduction | Summary

Ch02: Corp Image | Summary | Exercise 2

Ch03: Buyer Behavior | Summary | Exercise (ch3) 

Ch04: Plan Process | Summary | Exercise (ch4)


Module(2): Advertising Tools

Ch05: Ad Mgmt | Summary | Exercise (ch5)

Ch06: Ad Theory | Summary

Ch07: Ad Msg/Exec | Summary | Exercise (ch7)

Ch08: Traditional Media | Summary

Assignment: Ad Critique

Module(3): IMC Components

Ch09: Digital Marketing | Summary |

Ch10: Alternative Marketing | Summary |

Ch11: DB/Personal/Direct | Summary |

Ch12: Promotion | Summary | video

Ch13: Public Relation | Summary | Exer(5)

Ch14: Ethics | Summary |

  • Podcast: Ambush Marketing

Ch15: Evaluation | Summary |

Assignment: IMC Components  

Final Exam

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