Hashtags are the doorways through which people will discover your brand; without them, you're doomed to invisibility.
- Gary Vaynerchuk



Workshop overview


This workshop is for people who have a desire to succeed on the internet without having to pay expensive advertising agencies to attract and gain traffic to their web properties. The employment of hashtag has been growing exponentially in recent years and almost been implemented across all social media platforms. A hashtag is your web real estate, adopt it now before you lose it to someone else!


  • Find trending hashtags

  • Determine the strength of hashtags

  • Analyze the effectiveness of your hashtags.

  • The rules of hashtag marketing mastery

  • Understand our digital customers to better tailor our hashtag campaign

  • Apply the techniques that would help our content go viral

  • Use research-backed strategies to increase the number of followers

Did you know that the ‘official’ name of the hashtag symbol is ‘Octothorpe’ and it’s got a pretty awesome history? No? Then listen....

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First Use of Hashtag
"How do you feel about using # (pound) for groups. As in #barcamp [msg]?"
- Chris Messina August 23, 20017 (inventor of Hashtag)
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