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GOOD MARKETING makes the company look smart.

GREAT MARKETING makes the customer feel smart.  - Joe Chernov

I am in the business of assisting discovery. As such, I don't simply facilitate or instruct, but rather...  teach.  As a professor, I incorporate three teaching philosophical concepts: Excite, Engage, and Relate!  

In this space, I discuss variety of topics related to marketing. I talk about recent and trending events, teach new concepts, and discuss digital strategies.


I am a firm believer in providing consultations and training based on both: Practical Relevance and ​Academic Rigor.



Dr. Aldousari is an assistant professor of marketing at Kuwait University. He holds a Ph.D. in Marketing from Rutgers Business Schools (USA). He earned his Master’s in Business Administration (MBA), Master’s in Information Systems (MIS), and bachelor's in computer engineering from the University of South Florida (USA).

Dr. Aldousari’s research interests and publications are in entrepreneurial marketing, marketing strategy, and online consumer behavior. He has many publications in international peer-reviewed journals and conferences. He also speaks regularly at conferences globally and provides training and consultation for public, private, and non-profit organizations.

Dr. Aldousari is also very active on social media and regularly posts marketing lessons on Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter (@DR_DOUSARI). He also keeps a blog on his website (


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